Attendance Clerk

You may report an absence by calling the office and asking for Ms. Sager, Attendance Clerk.

On a normal school day, there are 315 instructional minutes. A student who missed less than 26% (or 82 mins.) of the total instructional minutes will be counted as tardy. A student who attended 26-74% (or 82-233 mins.) of the total day will be counted as a half day. A student who attended more than 74% but less than 100% of the day

(or 233-314 mins.) will be counted as evening tardy (or early leaver).

Example: if your student arrives between 9:00 and 10:22 am then they will be counted tardy. If your student leaves at 2:52 pm or later they will be counted as an evening tardy. If they leave before 2:52 they will be counted as half day.

You may also email me at

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