Red Ribbon Week at PJES


Red Ribbon Week at PJES

Red Ribbon Week will be recognized at Page Jackson during the month of October. Historically it is a time to focus on saying NO to drugs. However, elementary students are faced with other types of choices each day. What makes a choice healthy? What gets in the way of healthy choices?  We will explore these themes during the month when I visit the classrooms. Students will be asked to wear red on the last day of Red Ribbon Week to show their support of healthy choices.

Page-Jackson Elementary Celebrates

Red Ribbon Week

October 22nd –26th

Monday, 10/22:  “My Future Is Bright” (Dress for your future job!  **Please do not send students to school with face paint, masks, costumes which restrict movement, or anything which resembles a weapon.**) 

Tuesday, 10/23: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, 10/24:
“Wild About Being Drug-Free” (Crazy, wild hair!)

Thursday, 10/25:
“Sock-It to Drugs”  (Wear crazy, mismatched socks)

Friday, 10/26:
“Red-y To Live Drug-Free!”  (Wear as much RED as you CAN!)


Students will be receiving stickers and prizes for participation throughout the week. 

Guidance lessons this week will focus on making healthy choices and smart friendship decisions!


Let’s have an awesome Red Ribbon Week!

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